Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pinterest: Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

Ah...fall. We had another 90-plus degree day here and lemme just say: I'm over it. I'm ready for cooler weather. I'm sure I will regret saying this when it's 5 below and there's a 2-foot snow drift on our porch, but that's the beauty of northeast Ohio. Sick of the weather? Wait around and it will change. Anyhoo, enough about that. One of the REAL reasons I'm excited for fall is for the chance to buy mums and pumpkins. Here are some other ideas I'm excited to try, inspiration courtesy of Pinterest.

  1. Pressed leaves in floating frames--Better Homes and Gardens
  2. Love the leaf bouquet and the pears--HGTV
  3. A rake is a great alternative to a wreath--Common Ground
  4. I'm coveting some white pumpkins this year--Hooked on Houses
  5. Ravens for Halloween--Woman's Day
  6. Plaid pumpkins--Better Homes and Gardens
  7. Love this burlap wreath--Unknown
  8. Another take on leaf luminaries--Sunset
  9. What a pretty mantel; I think I might need to use some photography this year--Sweet Something Designs

For more quick and easy fall decorating ideas, head over to my Fall Decor Pinterest board. I'll constantly be adding to it as the season progresses.

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